Smart Children After School, a start-up organization that will provide after school care services in Windermere-Orlando, Florida and its surrounding areas.

The purpose of our after school program is to watch over elementary school-age children during the gap between school hours and the end of their parents' daily work hours. Programs are designed to offer a safe and secure place that children can go to on a regular basis when they are not at school and parents are not at home. These programs will also operate during school vacations, holidays and during the summer, in order to meet the needs of working parents.

A caring and well-trained staff will help students with their homeworks and will engage them in other extracurricular activities, providing academic, recreational and social balance. These activities shall include music classes, sports, computers, arts and crafts and other fun subjects according to children’s interest.

Our program will also include picking children up from school in the afternoon and drive them to the center giving the parents peace of mind on this matter.

The underlying goal of our after school program is to provide quality supervision to children while their parents are at work by focusing on promoting social and emotional development and building other important skill areas of elementary school-age children.

We consider that benefits of an after school program are widespread. Quality after school programs provide a safe, nurturing place of supervision for elementary school-age children where there are opportunities to reinforce learning from school, teach social skills and encourage good citizenship.

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